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Family Articles 9 March 2021
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that scientists believe has a strong genetic component. However, unlike other genetic conditions, there is no blood analysis, brain scan, or other test that can diagnose autism. Instead, doctors and psychologists diagnose ASD by analyzing the patient’s history and monitoring their behavior.  For example, qualified experts can make a diagnosis based on: Patient observation Patient interviews Cognitive and language ab
Family Articles 9 March 2021
  Many children with autism turn to aggression to get their point across. This is especially true for children who are nonverbal, meaning they will never learn to speak more than a few words. You might be tempted to validate your child’s aggressive behavior when you consider how frustrating it must be to not understand what’s happening around you or being unable to communicate your thoughts. However, your child must understand which behaviors are safe and acceptable and which a
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