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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is categorized as a developmental disorder that directly affects communication and behavior in individuals. Autism is diagnosed at any age, but due to the fact that it is known as a “developmental” disorder, symptoms usually appear within the first 24 months of life.

If you live in or around the Sacramento, California area, the Kendall Center can help improve the lives of patients, family members, and friends that are affected by autism. The center is motivated by care, but backed up by scientific research.

The staff at the Center is committed to using factual information to customize treatment, in order to meet the needs of each individual. Treatment, based on a scientific approach, will provide a total understanding of ASD, just like any other medical condition. All clinical practices are based on proven science.

Individual treatment

The Center wants children, teens, and adults to thrive, be independent, and enjoy a higher quality of life. Our goal is to work together to achieve these goals. A full assessment is conducted, including the age of the patient, current levels of functionality, and the needs of the family.

Integrated Model

A comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment is provided across all developmental areas. Some core elements of treatment include: speech assessments, individual speech therapies, training for parents and staff members, and treatment plans that cover a variety of environment scenarios,

Family support

We work very closely with members of the family to identify all needs, and together we work to improve the quality of life for the entire family unit.

Individual and group parent training is available which family members the skills necessary to promote positive changes in the home and in the neighborhood. Some training involves sharing ideas about how the family can navigate through daily challenges and/or planning for the future. Other training tools include, but are not limited to: managing temper tantrums, toilet training, dealing with developmental changes, and having a successful family outing.

Social Skills Groups

Autism Spectrum Disorder treatmentIt is the main goal of the Center is to help children and adults affected by autism to improve social skills and to aid them in coping, in positive manner, for any daily problems that may arise. Guided social skill groups are a large part of the treatment plan. For children over the age of 7, these two-hour sessions meet twice a week.

Kids Helping Kids

Although the Center helps children and adults of all ages, children between the ages of 3 and 7, who have foundational communication and play skills, will benefit from helping other children in that age group through in the “Kids Helping Kids” program. These small groups are guided by professional and experienced adults, who present activities that are designed to encourage interaction with other children, and also to improve observational learning.

Reach out today for a better tomorrow

Our vision is that people all around the world will benefit from the treatment model offered; therefore, visitors from around the globe visit our centers to meet the friendly staff, and learn all about the offered treatment.

The Kendal Center provides services in Contra Costa, Alameda, Stanislaus, Yolo, San Joaquin, and Sacramento Counties.

Call us today at 916-489-1376, or visit the Sacramento Center at: 2775 Cottage Way, Suite 7.

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