Our Approach to ABA Treatment
Our Approach to ABA Treatment

We simply want them to thrive.

We make treatment recommendations based on a very simple question: Will your child, adolescent, teenager, or adult thrive? You want them to be independent, part of the larger community, and enjoy a high quality of life. Our goal is to work with you to help make that happen.

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Hispanic Down Syndrome child playing with blocks at daycare

Individualized Treatment

Our treatment recommendations are based on a full assessment including important conversations with you. We will talk with you about the scientific research that underlies our recommendations and what we know from our collective clinical experience of more than twenty years of providing high-quality behavioral treatment in California.

We will take into account your child's age, current functioning levels, and your family's needs when we work together to establish treatment goals. The recommended frequency and duration of treatment and level of family participation is individualized and reflects all of this important information.

Family training and support

Families are our partners in changing lives. We work closely with family members to identify specific needs and work to improve everyone's quality of life.

We hold individualized and group parent training to help ensure that family members have the skills needed to promote and support positive changes at home and in the community. Some training focuses on sharing information about how family members can navigate daily challenges; others are about planning for the future. Sample training include:

  • Toilet training
  • Managing temper tantrums
  • Promoting speech and language skills
  • Successful family outings
  • Navigating typical developmental changes


Health Visitor Talking To Family With Young Baby

Integrated Model

We provide comprehensive ABA treatment across all developmental domains. Our Speech and Language Pathologist works in collaboration with our Behavior Analysts to integrate speech and language into treatment plans and curriculum.  Core elements in our treatment planning include:

  • Baseline and annual speech and language assessments
  • Integration of speech and language goals throughout treatment sessions
  • Use of errorless learning procedures
  • Delivery of treatment across environments
  • Staff and parent training to promote and reinforce language
  • Individualized speech and language therapy as appropriate
Family playing together with toy blocks

Center-based intervention

Center-based intervention can provide additional benefits to treatment outcomes. Center-based doesn’t mean center only. It means that a certain portion of the program is highly supervised by clinicians who are always on site to make rapid changes. Our center-based services allow access to specialized programs and opportunities for successfully practicing new skills in novel situations. Benefits to center-based intervention:

  • Reduce family stressors
  • A higher level of supervision
  • Treatment is also extended to home, community and school settings as is appropriate for the individual