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The Therapeutic Pathways Strategies program is focused on the treatment of behaviors that threaten the health and safety of others. Strategies is offered at the Behavior Center and is available for individuals aged 6-36. This program recognizes, prevents, and treats severe behavior disorders that interfere with independence, participation, and enjoyment in the community. The goal is to foster a higher quality of life for individuals and their families.

Problem behavior resolution occurs in four phases. First, our staff assesses the details of each client’s problem behavior, their strengths, and their needs. Once a full understanding is reached, family-integrated treatment begins. This involves building alternative behaviors that are more appropriate and safe than the client’s problem behaviors.

Next, our staff supports parents or caregivers in the implementation of treatment plans at home, at school, and in many other locations and situations. Finally, our staff supports the continued maintenance of appropriate behaviors in each client. We provide the tools for parents or caregivers to achieve sustained behavior change, and we have the resources to assist in every step along the way.

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