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Independence is one of the most important skills any child or teenager can learn. Behavior management, personal finance, and adaptive skills are all elements of independent living, but these can be difficult for individuals with autism.

If your child is struggling to adapt as they move toward adulthood, Therapeutic Pathways can help. Our Independence program provides focused behavioral intervention for children and teenagers with autism. This program helps individuals with autism learn how to manage and maintain their personal appearance and health, as well as developing functional communication and reducing behavior problems.

The prospect of living independently can be scary, especially for teenagers with autism who struggle with change. Therapeutic Pathways offers the Independence program as a way for children and teenagers to learn autism independent living skills and function at home and in their community.

Treatment within the Independence program includes individual or group Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and parent or caregiver training. At Therapeutic Pathways, we work to help individuals with autism develop skills that will help them live full, gratifying lives. To learn more about autism independent living skills, contact Therapeutic Pathways today.

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