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TracyKendall Center

ABA Therapy in Tracy

Therapeutic Pathways helps children with autism lead independent, satisfying lives through a combination of compassionate care and data-driven methodology. If you’re located in or around Tracy, ABA therapy is near.

Located just 60 miles east of San Francisco, the Tracy Kendall Center provides intensive treatment and support for children with autism. Our treatment system is backed by individualized, scientifically-validated methods, but we believe the “human” side of therapy is even more important.

From the moment you choose Therapeutic Pathways for your child’s autism treatment, our dedicated staff members work diligently to establish a connection based on trust, growth, and respect.

Trust is important in helping children be receptive to therapy; growth is crucial in reaching treatment goals as quickly as possible, and respect is necessary to fuel the changes that will improve their lives.

Treatment Programs

Treatment programs at the Kendall Center are not one-size-fits-all. A life-changing Tracy ABA therapy program calls for personalized and specific parameters to determine success; a large part of that is family inclusion.

We include clients’ families in all levels of treatment, whether the client is in the early stages of assessment or has a year of therapy under their belt. Our staff at the Kendall Center do this by forming partnerships with parents and caregivers, maximizing their children’s progress. These partnerships help to educate and align families with their child’s goals so full treatment potential is met.

Using applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, our staff works to develop the core skills of speech, communication, instruction following, and appropriate behaviors. This helps children foster relationships, develop social skills, and establish safe behavior. We also provide treatment for problem behaviors, teaching children appropriate behaviors and safe ways to cope with feelings of distress. These are all important steps in helping children with autism lead independent, satisfying lives.

Our Values

Therapeutic Pathways is committed to finding out what works best for each client and tailoring treatment to a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

We are honored to help clients and families achieve their goals and overcome barriers to leading happy and productive lives. Our commitment as an organization is for each child to meet specific treatment goals and become more functional within their family, school, and community.

Successful treatment is not without hard work. At Therapeutic Pathways, we provide a realistic vision of a future that is achievable through hard work on the part of the client, their family, and our staff.

Our staff members are our most valued resource, and their commitment to improving the lives of our clients is integral to client success. Since we strive for long-term relationships within our team, we realize the importance of investing in each employee. 

That takes effort, but doing so makes all the difference.

Contact the Kendall Center Today

Therapeutic Pathways helps children with autism learn the functional skills necessary for leading independent, satisfying lives.

Our Kendall Center provides ABA treatment and programs for people living in or near Tracy, and we are proud to offer our services to clients throughout San Joaquin County. For more information about Therapeutic Pathways, the Kendall Center, and ABA therapy, call (209) 422-3280.


Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

510 Whispering Wind Dr. Suite 110
Tracy, CA 95377

Phone Number:
(209) 832-7756

Programs at The Tracy Kendall Center

At the Kendall Centers, our staff members don’t stand back and watch from a distance — they’re dedicated and invested in every child through personalized programs and one-on-one attention. As part of our ABA services, the Tracy Kendall Center offers comprehensive language, speech, and communication therapy for children with autism in any stage of development. Visit our Programs pages to learn more.

AGES 0-3: This program focuses on getting your child testing within the normal range with an intensive 25+ hours of therapy per with about 300 goals over the year.

AGES 3-7: This program primarily focuses on helping children gain the skills of communication, social skills, self-help, and managing behavior domains.

AGES 7-11: This program includes more in depth self help skills like functional communication, reduction of behavior problems, self-management, and independence.

AGES 12-18: This program includes more in depth self help skills like functional communication, reduction of behavior problems, self-management, and independence.

AGES 5-16: This program fosters productive interactions and coping abilities for numerous social situations through guided social skills groups.

AGES 6+: This program is specifically designed for individuals with severe behavior disorders, including self-injurious and dangerous behaviors.

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