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Telehealth autism services are available in most circumstances. Your child will receive effective, research-driven telehealth autism services through video conferencing. The services include: parent training, parent meetings, direct therapy with an RBT in your home, and in some circumstances, treatment with staff over telehealth.

Our services promote independence in many areas of life to improve social skills, encourage appropriate behaviors, and develop independent living skills. We offer a variety of treatment plans individualized for every child based on compassionate care and evidence-based research.

Children receive comprehensive ABA therapy in more than one setting with our telehealth autism treatments that encourage proper behavior and interaction. Contact us today for more information and to speak with a therapist about your child’s needs.

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How it works

Contact our intake staff for help determining what services are available, an assessment time will follow with recommendations to fit your family’s needs. Our Clinical Team meet with each family to discuss goals and expectations for their child. Our aim for our telehealth clients is to gradually come to the center where they will receive more individualized and supervised care. Social skills, interactions, and life skills are much more effective with an on-site technician, so we also offer in-home therapy to fill this need. But if telehealth autism services fulfill your needs, we will work with you virtually.

“Evidence shows the effectiveness of telehealth at facilitating positive health outcomes.”
School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Why Telehealth is Beneficial

Each child with autism has unique challenges and interests. That means some children will benefit more from in-person therapy than from telehealth-delivered therapy and vice versa.

At Therapeutic Pathways, our goal is to help each child with autism thrive, so we work to find what works best for the individual. That could mean all virtual therapy or a mixture of in-person and virtual. We will work closely with you and your child to determine which method works best. To learn more, contact us at (209) 422-3280.

Telehealth autism therapy is relatively new, but is a beneficial method for delivering high-quality treatment, especially during times of widespread illness such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the main benefits of telehealth therapy include:

Early Detection and Treatment

Early detection of autism (before age two) is vital in giving children the best opportunity for development. Unfortunately, many children with autism remain undiagnosed until they are well into their school-age years.

A major reason for this is the inaccessibility of diagnostic clinics, specialized doctors, and therapy centers. Many families face long waiting periods or live too far from clinics. These barriers can delay access at a crucial point in a child’s development, so many families instead turn to telehealth.

Therapeutic Pathways does not diagnose children, but many clinics and specialized doctors who diagnose autism now offer consultations via telehealth. Once your child has an autism diagnosis, you can apply to receive telehealth ABA therapy with Therapeutic Pathways.

Flexible Schedules

Many children with autism require more flexibility in their schedules than other children. Telehealth ABA therapy is a helpful option for children who have been in school all day or who live far from a treatment center.

Children can access high-quality care from the comfort of their home, and parents or caregivers won’t have to drive or find transport to the treatment center, freeing up their schedules as well.

Telehealth offers flexible session times. Because these sessions are one-on-one with a certified behavior analyst, children receive strong supervision and structure, as well as increased communication between parents or caregivers and therapists.

Keep in mind that while telehealth should not necessarily replace in-person care, it can be a viable option for temporary or additional support.

Keeping Children Safe

Since stay-at-home orders were first announced, almost every industry has seen a dramatic increase in using technology to connect individuals.

The area of autism therapy is no exception. The COVID-19 situation remains somewhat uncertain, so virtual therapy remains a good option for children with autism who are immunocompromised or unable to travel to a treatment center.

While in-person treatment centers are certainly following precautions and doing their best to keep children safe, many parents find that the only way to be sure their child will not be exposed to the coronavirus is through telehealth autism therapy.

Again, treatment should not necessarily be limited to telehealth, but until the coronavirus is eradicated, this remains a strong option for children needing therapy. For more information about Therapeutic Pathways’ health precautions, call (209) 422-3280.