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Early intervention is one of the most important parts of an effective and research based approach to helping young children with autism. Our Readiness clients usually struggle with many areas; language, behavior, play, self-help, self-awareness, social skills and cognition. Applied Behavior Analysis is at the very center of treatment, but we integrate the best from the field of speech and language pathology. It is in every child’s program, every day, in every single interaction.

Our research shows that children who invest in 25-35 hours of therapy per week are more likely to test in a normal range of intellectual ability, self-help skills, and language compared to children who receive less ABA focused therapy and less that 25 hours per week.

Our Readiness program encourages attention, imitation, and engagement. We want our Readiness children to start to learn the power of communication and the joy of interacting with others. Each treatment for each child is individualized, and research shows the earlier you start intensive ABA therapy, the more likely your child will catch up by age 6.

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