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It’s tricky to find the right autism therapy when your child is in school all day, but Therapeutic Pathways offers a program specifically for that purpose. Our Breakthroughs program is specially designed for children with autism who have limited hours due to school schedules.

Breakthroughs helps remove life barriers by developing communication, social, and self-help skills for autism. This type of intervention also encourages children to engage in appropriate behaviors, helping them interact with peers and establish safe conduct at school. Your child may benefit from this program if they have an autism diagnosis and are between the ages of seven and eleven.

Therapeutic Pathways’ Clinical Teams work closely with each child and their parent or caregiver to develop an individualized treatment plan. Because children who attend school have fewer hours for therapy than non-school-age children, parental training is essential to the success of this program. We teach parents how to respond to their child’s behavior problems or communication issues at home and in the community.

Autism in adolescence can be difficult, but Therapeutic Pathways is here to help. Children with autism benefit from focused intervention administered by supportive and caring staff. Our goal at Therapeutic Pathways is to help your child with autism grow and thrive. For more information, contact us today.

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