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East BayCenters

East Bay ABA Therapy

We are pleased to offer programs from our exceptional Kendall Center and Behavior Center at one location in East Bay, California. This location gives families access to high-caliber applied behavior analytic treatment without having to travel to San Francisco.

Program offerings from the Kendall Center include intensive behavior and language therapy for people with autism. Our knowledgeable staff works closely with every child, utilizing science-backed ABA therapy to focus and train the core skills of speech and communication. These techniques help children foster relationships, develop social skills, and establish safe behavior.

East Bay Behavior Therapy

Program offerings from the Behavior Center include individualized treatment for people with severe behavior disorders. Our Clinical Teams work to reduce aggressive behaviors that have led to hospitalizations, out of home placements, and represent daily challenges to the health and safety of the individual and others. Many of the school age children we treat have not been able to attend school or be out in the community for months and sometimes years at a time. Our focus is on helping promote functional communication and a better quality of life in the home and community.

The common denominator in our programs is the compassion, experience, and patience our staff members extend to each individual in our care. At Therapeutic Pathways, our goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to help your child or family member live a fulfilling life.

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Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

5601 Arnold Rd. Suite 100
Dublin, CA 94568

Phone Number:
(925) 833-7789

Programs at the East Bay Centers

At our Centers, our staff members don’t stand back and watch from a distance — they’re dedicated and invested in every child through personalized programs and one-on-one attention. As part of our ABA services, the East Bay Center offers comprehensive language, speech, and communication therapy for children with autism in any stage of development. Visit our Programs pages to learn more.

AGES 0-3: This program focuses on getting your child testing within the normal range with an intensive 25+ hours of therapy per with about 300 goals over the year.

AGES 3-7: This program primarily focuses on helping children gain the skills of communication, social skills, self-help, and managing behavior domains.

AGES 7-11: This program includes more in depth self help skills like functional communication, reduction of behavior problems, self-management, and independence.

AGES 12-18: This program includes more in depth self help skills like functional communication, reduction of behavior problems, self-management, and independence.

AGES 5-16: This program fosters productive interactions and coping abilities for numerous social situations through guided social skills groups.

AGES 6+: This program is specifically designed for individuals with severe behavior disorders, including self-injurious and dangerous behaviors.

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The East Bay Center Leadership Team

Lauren Phillips
Program Director, Behavior Centers
Miranda Drake
Assistant Site Coordinator
Marie Polk
Regional Director

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